Corporate Overview


BC PLAZA 2-3-10 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 102-0074


October, 2006

Capital Stock


President and CEO

Takashi Okamura

Group Companies 

Ichigo Inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange 2337)

Easy Storage Taiwan

Contact Us

phone: +81 3 3237 5101
FAX: +81 3 3237 5102

President's Message

Storage PLUS came into being based on the U.S. style concept of “Self-storage” combined with the Japanese way of providing services with meticulous care. 

Since its inception in 2006, we have been working very hard to offer the highest quality services which can satisfy even the eyes of our Japanese female customers, namely  CLEAN, COMFORTING, and SAFE. 

We currently have approximately 30 locations in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Sapporo and have been recognized by the wide range of customers who have patronized our storage spaces which come with a great deal of peace of mind. 

Centro Corporation has acquired Storage PLUS from Mitsui & Co., its founder in 2013.  And since 2017, Storage PLUS has joined Ichigo group (Tokyo Stock Exchange 2337), a real estate owner/operator.

We are truly committed to meeting our customers’ storage needs and becoming one of the self-storage leading companies in Japan.

Takashi Okamura, President and CEO